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Wilmington Delaware Counseling Services

Welcome to AWA Counseling Services 

Providing Individual Counseling and Couples Therapy in Wilmington, DE

Life is undoubtedly a challenge for all. Whether it is death or loss of a dear one, overwhelming anxiety, hopelessness, grief, divorce, relationship issues, or unavoidable circumstances, they can leave us emotionally empty. 


Conditions like losing interest in things, being constantly tired, and being unable to manage emotions could be signs of a mental health condition. Moreover, these feelings can be disconcerting and challenging to overcome. You may try, but you can't click your fingers to get out of this. The trending Wilmington, Delaware counseling services indicate you may need to avail yourself of the expertise of AWA counseling services! 

Wilmington Delaware Counseling Services
 Virtual Counseling in Wilmington, DE

Virtual Counseling in Wilmington, DE 

AWA counselling provides empathetic support and believes in breaking down barriers by providing 100% HIPPA-compliant video telehealth counseling to nurture your mind, body, and soul. We offer online therapy for adults ages, 18+ who identify as BIPOC, women, and millennials. 


Furthermore, individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, traumatic stress, and other life stressors can depend on our professional skills, strategies, and tools to lead a well-adjusted and happy life.  


​ Our Virtual Counseling services focus on individual issues such as hopelessness, unexplained anxiety, insecurities, trauma, lack of self-esteem, and unseen fears. AWA counseling services offer teleconferencing consultation in the privacy of your home. We help people deal with their problems effectively with our guidance and provide care and protection because your mental health matters to us. 


AWA Counseling Services uses various evidenced approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy, person centered therapy, motivational interview and trauma-informed therapy to help you attain emotional balance. 

Individual Counseling in Wilmington, DE 

Facing life's challenges can be emotionally draining. It is sometimes impossible to deal with them because the anxieties and fears threaten to consume the being. We steer you through these tough times through self-exploration and help you to channelize turbulent feelings, thoughts and emotions to attain emotional resilience and balance in life. 


Our trained therapists help you understand your behavior so that you can modify it after addressing personal challenges. AWA counseling services offer expert guidance through different techniques and strategies and help our clients cope with their fears, manage stress and conflict filled issues to live a nurtured, well-adjusted, positive life.  

Individual Counseling in Wilmington, DE
Couples Counseling in Wilmington, DE

Couples Counseling in Wilmington, DE 

Two people in a relationship can disagree and feel incomplete because of a lack of commitment, understanding, physical intimacy, unspoken needs, and communication. Couples therapy can help them deal with their emotional upheaval.  


Negative thought processes, unfounded fears, and emotional management are imperative to a stable and well-adjusted life. Relationship issues, personal problems, marital, pre-marital or work related issues can put pressure on your relationship.  


Connectivity and closeness are the goals of an estranged couple, and we work hard to help couples resolve these issues. We can assist you in overcoming these battles, help you adjust quicker in relationships and form stronger interpersonal bonds. Our therapists use their expertise and person-centered approach to help couples reach their goals. 

How can AWA counseling services help you? 

Virtual counseling sessions can help diverse individuals understand different nuances of their behavior and make the required changes and adjustments to improve their quality of life. Analyzing mistakes and tiding by these life transitions is tough, but AWA counseling services can help you if you are stuck, facing trauma, consumed by overwhelming feelings and exhaustion.  


All these circumstances and situations cannot be handled in the same manner. This is where empathy, understanding, knowledge and expertise come in. AWA counseling services conducts a thorough intake interview and mental health assessment which evaluates all areas of your life in order to develop goals to create change. Our sessions help us to analyze behaviours and situations before we design a personalized therapeutic plan for each client separately. Our therapists are adept at different kinds of interpersonal relationships and personal improvement.  

Online Therapy
 Cognitive Behavioural therapy

Cognitive Behavioural therapy

Thoughts and feelings influence our actions and behavior. AWA counseling services offers the evidenced based approach of Cognitive Behavioral therapy. This therapy focuses on the individual's behavior and recesses of the mind and helps them combat different mental health issues by altering their thinking patterns. 


Our therapists have the expertise to care for the individual's interests with person-centred therapy with appropriate tools and strategies to alter behavior, heal from old hidden wounds and traumas, and adapt to challenges thrown by circumstances and life situations.   


AWA counseling services understands the complexities of difficult populations but, especially women. We offer positive and therapeutic telehealth counseling sessions for clients facing women-related, personal, professional, or couple issues to help them successfully develop coping skills to tide through life stressors and transitions.  

Taking a positive, person-centred and strength-based approach: 

Person centered approaches utilize the belief that clients have the ability to change and know what is best for them. The therapist helps guide the client using the foundation of presence, the therapeutic alliances, unconditional positive regrad, genuineness, and active listening to walk alongside clients in the process. We will build upon your strengths and use that as a catalyst for lasting change.  

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