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delaware county counseling services

Welcome to AWA Counseling Services 

Providing Individual Counseling and Couples Therapy in Delaware County, PA 

Virtual Counseling services in Delaware County 

The recent pandemic has left people scared and proved the necessity of dependable Delaware County counseling services to assist people in combating unseen fears, unexplained anxiety, traumatic incidents, insecurities, relationship problems, family discord, lack of confidence, and uncertainty arising due to loneliness and fear.  


There is no need to go anywhere; AWA counseling services understands your need for privacy and offers excellent virtual counseling services in your private home space via teleconferencing to help you tide through these challenging times.  


We endeavor to help people regain meaningful emotional balance using proven techniques in cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-informed therapy, and mindfulness techniques through our: 

 Virtual Counseling services in Delaware County
 Individual Counseling in Delaware County

Individual Counseling in Delaware County

Individuals experiencing emotional and interpersonal challenges sometimes find it impossible to solve them. Our therapist hears your fears and anxieties smoothly guiding you toward emotional resilience by fostering the management of your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and concerns towards proper direction with our virtual online services.  


Designed to offer emotional support, modify behaviors, cope with fears, address personal challenges, etc. Our therapists provide expert guidance and develop strategies for individual goals, needs, experiences, and specific issues.  


Individuals can manage stress and achieve goals by improving relationships and overcoming challenges through our therapy sessions. AWA Counseling helps its clients develop healthier interactions and resolve conflicts amongst themselves. Our counseling sessions and online therapy will help you understand your behavior and encourage self-exploration to bring about positive changes.  

Couples Counseling in Delaware County 

Emotional upheaval due to the relationship between couples disturbs the overall quality of life of an individual. AWA Counseling understands your unspoken needs and offers excellent couples therapy in Delaware County. Relationship counseling or couples therapy assists couples in resolving personal issues and addressing implicit problems that affect mutual understanding, communication, and love. AWA Counseling creates a structured environment for couples to repair their relationship by rebuilding dependability and trust. This also helps them re-establish their connection and intimacy.  

 Couples Counseling in Delaware County
Online Therapy

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, exhausted? 

Scenarios like divorce, death, and birth are transition phases that require a lot of adjustment and change. Our counseling services address this challenge and offer guidance for marital and pre-marital relationships, including couples therapy. Professionals at AWA Counseling provide practical counseling sessions online and tailor interventions essential to the needs of diverse individuals.  

How can we help you? 

AWA Counseling takes an integrative approach to help deal with anxiety, trauma, depression, interpersonal relations, or any other areas of personal improvement. Our trained professionals provide HIPPA-compliant telehealth appointments online. Pick the phone and call us for a free consultation today! 

anxiety, trauma, depression, interpersonal relations

Taking a positive person-centered approach

Handling challenges in life can be tricky and impossible without taking a positive stance and having appropriate coping skills. Therapists at AWA Counseling Services work hard to reassure clients with our nurturing, person-centered approach and therapy. Specialty issues are not easy to handle and need the intervention of experts. We have designed an innovative individual-based approach focusing on personal healing and helping individuals regain their emotional balance. 

Building a positive relationship with our clients and handling issues with empathy form the basis of our strength-based approach. We endeavour to help people accept life changes, work for personal improvement, and emerge as strong and well-balanced individuals. 


There are plenty of individuals who are struggling in relationships and are facing traumatic situations due to life transitions and unfortunate incidents in their lives. Not only are they unable to deal with the ups and downs due to discord, maladjustment, or other issues, but they may also feel hesitant to walk to a therapist’s office.  


We have the answer for you. Stay where you are and book an appointment online with us. AWA counseling has experts to guide you through demanding periods in life with our telehealth counseling practice. The secure HIPPA-compliant video conferencing sessions we arrange offer help to adults above 18. You can contact us anytime by calling us on our number or requesting an appointment with our experts! AWA counseling is ready and waiting to help people heal and be positive. 

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