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Are you a millennial woman whose life looks “good” from the outside, but you are in inner turmoil?


You’re someone who appears successful in one area of your life, but still find yourself feeling overwhelmed, feeling confused, and beating yourself up.


You often worry about your family, your relationships, your career or a big life transition. But you’re ready to make a change.


You’re ready to learn how to cope. You’re ready to show up for yourself. Most of all, you’re ready to live life with clarity and purpose! I want to help you get there.

AWA Counseling specializes in working with women struggling with anxiety, adjustment, and relationship issues. Clients come to us looking for a therapist who looks like them and can understand their worldview, because therapy should be a place where you feel safe and validated. Sessions with us will leave you feeling energized as you learn new things about yourself.

We'll meet you where you are on your unique journey and offer you the support you need to make your life feel more manageable. A life where you are in control is possible. You don’t have to continue having anxious thoughts, and you don’t have to do it alone.


Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation below.


We can’t wait to hear from you!




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