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How to improve self esteem?

Updated: Apr 3

Self-esteem is often recognized by different terms such as self-worth, self-respect, or self-regard. To improve the quality of life and have a sense of positive well-being, it is important to have healthy self-esteem. It’s the perfect balance that is magical, because having low or too high self-esteem can be troublesome.


So, look for the right balance that works for you and makes you feel motivated and good about yourself. If you are facing difficulty in achieving this balance, then there are counseling services to come to your rescue. 


What is the role of self-esteem in our lives?


Self-esteem affects the overall sense of goodness and well-being, motivation, relationships, ability to make decisions and even the emotional health of a person. People can take on new challenges and accomplish their goals only if they are high on self-esteem and are willing to attempt new things positively. There is a strange thing about self-esteem- it is the lowest when you are a child and keeps increasing when you reach adolescence and adulthood, thus indicating how the personality traits develop in a human being and then are there to stay for years to come. 


Healthy self-esteem has 4 main features:


  1. Having a nurtured healthy relationship with oneself that helps form positive and reliable personal relations.

  2. Understanding needs and developing an ability to express feelings.

  3. A belief and understanding of personal skills to tackle challenges and face competition.

  4. Realistic personal expectations


Many of us feel unsure of our abilities and feel scared during decision-making processes due to a lack of self-esteem and motivation. Individuals with low self-esteem cannot express true feelings and face difficulty in reaching goals. These under-confident people feel unworthy and unloved and face strained relationships with their loved ones.


On the other hand, people with high self-esteem people feel entitled to success and expect to win at every stage, even if they lack the talent for it. They feel they are perfect and stay fixated on the perfection scale because of overestimation of their skills and feel the world revolves around them. Their “self-centred attitude” costs those relationships, business deals, and a chance for self-improvement.


At a glance:-


Self-esteem can be affected by:


  1. Disability

  2. Physical and mental abilities

  3. Genetic predisposition

  4. Age

  5. Thought processes

  6. Illnesses

  7. Socioeconomic condition


Besides these important things, there are a few other factors that have a negative effect on the mind and self-esteem. Hereditary does play a very important role in shaping a person’s thought processes and personality but so do life experiences and the environment. Getting constant negative assessments, being overly criticized, and being run down publically in front of others directly affects self-esteem. To add to this list, racial discrimination and facing antipathy from others also make one develop a poor sense of self. 


What is healthy self-esteem, and how can we develop it?


A healthy self-esteem is a game changer and the motivation to achieve goals. If you value yourself, tackle life’s transitions and challenges with positivity. Develop a strong sense of self-esteem, or else people can overstep boundaries, and relationships may be threatened. 


  1. Move on from negative past experiences 

  2. Recognize and accept strengths and weaknesses 

  3. Express your needs

  4. when something does not agree with you, learn to say no 

  5. Stay confident and positive always

  6. Believe in equality, neither worse nor better


Best ways to improve self-esteem!


Individuals live a competitive, taxing and busy lifestyle that drains them and their opinions about themselves. A trudging routine stresses them, and they need professional help to cope. Take online therapy to combat shyness. 


Remember, in your movie, you are playing the lead role, so understand yourself and do what nurtures you and make you happy.


Challenge doubts and unkind thoughts that creep into your mind periodically and do not compare yourself with anyone. 


Virtual counseling services ensure they help you raise the positivity scale by highlighting your positive qualities. Practice refusing others and saying “NO” if it disturbs your personal space and peace of mind. Be kind to yourself at all times and stay positive.


Once in a while, pamper yourself with things that you value and make you feel happy. It’s time to let the unkind thoughts go- learn the art of developing healthy self-esteem through healing online therapy. 



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