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Latoya Noble, Intern Counselor

"It makes sense because you said it", has almost become a mantra in my own life as well as my therapeutic space. I hope to act as support in one's journey to their self exploration. I tend to use a client centered approach to better understanding the person in front of me. Life has so many turns that can be daunting, exciting, confusing, or a combination of emotions: and that's okay! Having a holistic conversation of everyday struggles through a multicultural lens will hopefully create a space in which healing and progress can exist. 

I cannot promise that therapy will always be light and easy going, but I can promise that through collaboration and grace, we can venture towards clarity. It is important to show up authentically, especially if in other aspects of your life you feel that you find yourself wearing a mask. Authenticity and autonomy is your right! 

Latoya is a Masters level Counseling student at Arcadia University. She is being supervised by  Adara W. Anderson, LPC. 

Latoya is currently accepting new clients. 

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